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Tips Before Travel

Hey! We have listed some travel tips for you which will be useful for you while travelling in the hills. Keep these things in mind and have a great and hassel free trip.

Hi! Are you ready to get going?

Here are some tips to keep in mind before you leave your home.

Airfare, hotel accommodations, and rental cars may be the major aspect of travel preparation, but booking these in advance is only the beginning of the trip planning process.

There are many more thing to keep in mind before you leave your home. The thumb rule is, you simple can't plan everything. Sometimes weather plays an important role, sometime it's a small thing like not able to find ATM/electronic payment methods.

Although we are here to help you in every step and every situation but there are some things that you can do which will make your trip memorable for all the good reasons only.

Tips Before Travel
  • Bring copies of your ID

    Always carry your ID with you. Keep a photocopy of your ID for backup in case of an emergency.

  • Carry a First Aid Kit

    Carrying general medicines for headache, vomiting, fever, cough & cold etc is a good idea.

  • Always have local cash

    ATM/Electronic payments might not be available everywhere in the hills. Carry some cash with you.

  • Get guidebooks

    If possible get/buy a guidebook of the area you are planning to visit. It will help you in covering maximum places.

  • Research events

    If you are planning to attend an event, do some research about it before hand and book tickets in advance.

  • Bring your camera

    Carring a good DSLR/Digital camera is a good idea even if your smart phone has one. A good camera is a must.

  • Power bank

    Carring a power bank is a good idea whenever travelling to the hills. Electricity can be disrupted sometime.

  • Check weather

    Keep an eye on the weather while planning your travel to the hills. Weather plays an important role in the hills.

  • Book your hotel

    In peak season getting a neat and clean room(even a room sometimes) is very difficult because of limited availability.

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