Paragliding: Bhimtal

Fly like a bird with your own wings.

Paragliding- Bhimtal 4.5


The lake city of Uttarakhand, Nainital is famous for its aweaspiring beauty. You can enjoy paddle boating, horse riding, rope-way, a lovely walk on the mall road, the thrill of lovers point and many more activities. Bhimtal – which is just 15 kms away from here is a hub for exciting outdoor activities, paragliding in Bhimtal makes for the most exciting thing to do in this area.

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Places covered Altitude Weather Feel Nights
Bhimtal 1370 Pleasent 00 Nights

Detailed Information

  • Option: 1 FROM HIGH PEAK- 2000/-INR.

    This is the most popular paragliding, starts fron a high peak, flying time is around 5-10 minutes depending upon the wind.

  • Option: 2 FROM HIGHER PEAK- 4250/-INR.

    This pragliding is from higher peak, flying time is around 20-25 minutes, optional stunts are always like full circle flip, Half circle flip etc for adventure lovers.

  • option: 3 FROM HIGHEST PEAK- 9999/-INR.

    Starts from the highest peak, flying time is around 50-55 minutes, All the surrrounding peaks, lake and the whole city is visible from the sky, suitable for thrill lovers and lovers of flying.

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Trip Information

  • Type : Adventure
  • Minimum: 5-10 Minutes
  • Minimum: 50-55 Minutes
  • Ticket available: YES


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Tips Before Travel

Bring copies of your ID

Always carry your ID with you. Keep a photocopy of your ID for backup.

Carry a First Aid Kit

Carrying general medicines for headache, vomiting, fever, cough & cold etc is a good idea.

Always have local cash

ATM/Electronic payments might not be available everywhere.

Things to Keep in Mind

An Appeal

While traveling Do not throw any wrapper, paper, plastic bottle on the road. Avoid using plastic bags. Follow government rules and regulations.

Keep Uttarakhand Clean.

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